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Kingpower affiliated with Thai Grand Paradise Group International, brings together a wide range of fashion brands and bestsellers around the world. Raja Duty Free has become a go-to place for shopping in Thailand. Phuket is surrounded by water, called the Pearl of the Andaman Sea, King Duty Phuket, near Puji Town, 3D, bright lights. The exterior of the building reflects the glistening Andaman Sea. The interior of the building is painted in dark pearl white and simulates the flow of water with smooth lines. Great shopping in the blue sea and blue sky Come to Thailand

Gems Gallery Phuket

Gems Gallery Phuket is located on Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Road with a wide range of gems, jewelry and pearls. for tourists to choose to buy as used items and souvenirs Every product has a quality guarantee card. Guaranteed to be genuine, good quality, every piece through a well-known artisan who has meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail in jewelry making. There are also other products such as beautiful silks, various genuine leather products, and there are also stingray leather bags that are another famous product in Phuket. Inside the shop, there is a lot of space for tourists to walk widely. Visitors to Phuket should not miss out on shopping and souvenirs at Gems Gallery Phuket.

Central Festival

Central Phuket, CPN’s first luxury flagship store (Central Pattana) that targets ‘high-end’ tourists, especially with its flagship store, luxury brands and architectural design that emphasizes the combination of cutting-edge technology. Combined with the uniqueness of art and culture of Phuket. to harmoniz

Chillva Market

Chillva Phuket Market is located in Phuket. Opposite Ban Samkong Municipal School Surrounded by supermarkets, hospitals and educational institutions, or can be said to be the location of Chillva Market. Phuket is located in a busy residential area. As a result, the area has the potential to generate income for the merchants appropriately. It is also located in the province that is a major tourist attraction. Those going to Phuket can also visit Chillva Market Phuket.